The ESD Contribution from Europe

Objectives of the conference. The main objective of the conference is to identify the specific European contributions to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and Europe’s global responsibility within this endeavour. In particular, the conference intends

· to identify a common vision of education for sustainable
development (ESD) within Europe on the basis of the many
substantial ESD activities present in the region;

· to contribute to the understanding of ESD as a decisive
element of the sustainability strategies of the European

· to contribute to a better integration of ESD in European
Union education programmes;

· to analyze strengths and challenges within the
implementation of the UN Decade ESD thus far.

In particular, the conference will develop elements of a work agenda for the UN Decade’s coming years, which can be handed on to the following EU Presidencies and that should also form the basis for the mid-term review of the Decade in 2009. In this sense, the conference additionally functions as a preparatory meeting for the mid-term review conference on the UN Decade in 2009, which Germany would be prepared to host.




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